How Hard Money Loans Help International Buyers Purchase Property


Did you move to the U.S recently, and you want to buy a residential property or wish to invest in a vacation spot? Buying property in a foreign land is a different experience compared to buying property in your hometown. Most international buyers have trouble purchasing and financing property since they do not have a credit history or their paperwork is different from the U.S paperwork. However, you can easily finance your property through hard money loans.

Hard Money Loans Do Not Require Heavy Documentation

After moving to the U.S, it takes some time before you put your paperwork together. It becomes a great challenge if you want to finance your property as banks will need heavy documentation for international buyers, some of which you may not have.

However, you don’t need to worry about heavy documentation with hard money loans. You can easily access a loan with hard money loans to finance your property, as the lenders do not ask for the expansive amount of documents that banks do. You only need to show your pay stubs and your bank statements.

Your Credit Report History Does Not Affect Your Borrowing

Conventional loans will look at your credit report history to determine if you are eligible to apply for a loan. Not only will banks require a minimum credit score, if you qualify on the lower end, you’ll be given the least favorable terms for your loan and stuck in those terms for decades unless you refinance.

However, you can request hard money loans even with poor (or no) credit history due to the lenders using property as collateral. Hard money loans rescue international buyers with no credit reports, making property ownership easy and fast.

Hard Money Loans are Approved Quickly

If you have the proper documentation, your loan can be approved within a day. The quick approval is a turnaround as it helps clients move on to exceptional opportunities fast. Property ownership in Florida is very prime, and good houses are always in demand. You need to close the deal fast before it is bought by someone else, which is possible through hard money loans. 

Why Hard Money Loans are Your Golden Ticket When Financing A Property as an International Buyer

Financing a property overseas is the trickiest bit of buying property. You can choose to go through a foreign bank and request a mortgage or get a hard money loan from an individual or private entity. 

The best way to finance a property as an international buyer is through hard money loans. Hard money loans do not require heavy documentation, making the process easier and faster as the loans can be approved within a day. The private entities or individuals who grant hard money loans do not check your credit report. Hard money loans allow you to leg up and close quickly, whereas bank loans can take months.

Final Thoughts

As an international buyer with little documentation and no credit report, hard money loans are the best option to finance your property. You do not have to give up on your dream of acquiring property in the U.S. because banks need heavy documentation and a good credit record. Choose a trusted hard money loan provider today and be a proud owner of a property in the U.S.

If you are looking for a hard money loan provider in the U.S., look no more. Bentworth Capital offers flexible repayment terms, and we close the deal quickly. Contact us today for more information.

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