About Us

Benworth Capital is an alternative lender. Quite simply, we’re a financing source that is a lot different from a bank, but as trusted and reliable.

We opened our doors in 2008 when many banks were closing theirs because of the Global Financial Crisis. We observed community members with the cash flow and borrower integrity to repay a loan obligation without a source for financing.
We were inspired. With a shared passion for the value and importance of owning real estate, especially during the economic disaster, we created a lending alternative by offering borrowers private loans.

We have grown to become one of Florida’ premier private lenders, focusing exclusively on transactions involving real estate.
Currently, we financial property only in Florida. It’s the market we know best (and love).
  • Loans to purchase real estate
  • Loans to refinance real estate
  • Loans to get cash out of real estate with a second mortgage
Lending Integrity

Recognized by the National Association of Mortgage Brokers for high standards of ethics, integrity, professionalism and knowledge in the mortgage industry.

We approve loans that
banks won’t.

We make the decisions to fund loans based on our unique criteria that’s a lot different from a bank, credit union, or mainstream online lender. The funds used to make loans are from private investors who believe in the potential of real estate as much as we do. We used three main factors to make a loan decision:
  • The borrower’s cash flow to repay the loan, primarily income earned from employment.
  • The value of the property.
  • The equity that the borrower has in the property. For a purchase, this means the downpayment amount. For a refinance or second mortgage, equity is the value of the property less the balance in a current mortgage.

There’s more that makes
us different.

Anyone (with cash) can fund a loan. But we’re different from a great uncle or the cash-rich entrepreneur down the street. Benworth Captial is licensed to lend. And that’s a big deal, especially in Florida because it’s the law. It’s an even bigger deal for borrowers because they are protected.
About Our Founder
Bernie Navarro is the founder and president of Benworth Capital. An entrepreneur, by its truest definition, Bernie has been active in the Florida real estate sector for the duration of his professional career. After graduation from the University of Miami and Harvard University, he hit the streets as a mortgage lending officer. He progressed to form his own mortgage company that was later sold to the largest home lending company in the U.S. at the time.

A thought leader with an affinity for the power of education, he has been appointed to some of the most prestigious positions in the South Florida community.

  • Chair of the Board of Trustees for Miami Dade College
  • President of the Latin Builders Association
  • Founder of the first charter high school started by a professional association in the U.S., now part of the Mater Academy public charter school system
  • Founding Board Member of The Idea Center at Miami Dade College
  • Chair of the Citizens for Property Tax Reform

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