Closing day—you’ve been waiting for this day for months now. Now, you’re ready to sign on that dotted line and become the official property owner. Closing day can seem daunting at first, but really there are just a few steps between you and a smooth closing experience, from picking the right date to giving them the old John Hancock and getting the deed in your name.
When looking at a new home, it’s easy to focus on little imperfections and not see the solid foundation behind wild wall colors or décor that’s a real eyesore. At the same time, we can be fooled by very cool interior decorating and overlook some pretty costly structural issues. Here are 5 things you can’t miss checking out when buying a new home:
What exactly does a real estate contract do? While you don’t have to be an expert in the ins and outs of this important document—that’s the job of your licensed lender —it’s helpful to at least understanding the basics. Here are the major functions of a real estate contract: Tells It Like It Is.
In most states, a real estate broker’s education includes additional education requirements beyond the real estate-agent level. With their additional training, enlisting the help of a real estate broker can make it easier to navigate all the details involved with the home buying process, from knowing the neighborhood to the ins and outs of closing day.