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Benworth private loans fund the purchase or refinance of residential and commercial properties and second mortgages. Our borrowers seek an alternative to a traditional bank loan or want to close quickly to lock in a purchase price and take advantage of a great opportunity. Private loans also provide real estate investors with cash to renovate or upgrade properties to rent or resell. Here are some of the recent closings on properties in Florida that we've helped expedite.

A Licensed Lender

Benworth Capital is a top provider of alternative credit solutions for residential, commercial and second mortgages for properties located in Florida.

About Benworth

At Benworth Capital, we see things differently than a bank. Whether you’re buying, refinancing or using the equity in your property to get access to cash, we see the potential. That's why we have become the top provider of hard money loans in South Florida since we opened our doors in 2008. Hard money loans are funded by private investors who, like you, have an eye for opportunity.

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