01 Dec

What is the future for commuter rail in South Florida?

December, 2019 / Miami Herald.

Anyone who has visited any major city in the U.S. outside of Florida, especially in the Northeast, or in Europe and Asia, knows these communities have many public transit options but especially seamless and integrated rail systems. South Florida’s traffic is not going away. Building more highways in a metropolitan area sandwiched between Biscayne Bay and the Everglades is not feasible nor realistic. We must get drivers out of cars and into transit options. We must get vehicles off the road since traffic stagnation leads to economic stagnation. I think all rail options should be considered in Miami-Dade County. However, more than only addressing the eastern MiamiDade County corridor, we need an east-west rail option in either light or heavy rail modes and an extension of Metrorail southward from Dadeland and northward along Northwest 27th avenue to the county line, as was promised many years ago yet not delivered by our elected leaders. If we don’t do this, traffic congestion will soon become business growth congestion. We can’t afford that.

– Bernie Navarro, Founder and President, Benworth Capital Partners .

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