06 May

Real estate crowdfunding company launches at eMerge

(South Florida Business Journal) Bernie Navarro announced at the eMerge Americas Conference that he launched a crowdfunding platform for real estate investors.

Navarro, the president of Miami-based private lender Benworth Capital Partners, was kicking around the idea of crowdfunding during the inaugural eMerge conference in 2014 and seeing a panel on that topic there convinced him to take the plunge. A year later, he introduced conference attendees to Fundrageous. It allows accredited investors to participate in first mortgages for residential investment or commercial properties.

The types of loans will be similar to what Benworth has originated for years, Navarro said.

“There are a lot of good, qualified deals that sometimes I don’t have a place for,” Navarro said. “It’s very transparent with the way investors are assigned fractionalization of the note to the way the note is recorded.”

(May 6, 2015)

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