5 Simple Reasons to Use a Real Estate Broker

5 Simple Reasons to Use a Real Estate Broker

In most states, a real estate broker’s education includes additional education requirements beyond the real estate-agent level. With their additional training, enlisting the help of a real estate broker can make it easier to navigate all the details involved with the home buying process, from knowing the neighborhood to the ins and outs of closing day.

Here are 5 reasons why a real estate broker should be part of your home buying journey:

1. They save you time searching 

Real estate brokers have immediate access to homes as soon as they’re on the market. With a real estate broker, you won’t be spending much time driving around looking for properties on sale. By being able to see available homes for sale in practically real time, you can make your home search a lot more efficient—and environmentally friendly, too!

2. Location, location, location

A real estate broker can help you home in on all those specifics that matter most to you in your home search. They’re experts at getting the inside scoop on everything there is to know about the neighborhoods you’re considering buying property in, including the quality of schools, number of parks, traffic data, crime statistics and more.

3. They know the numbers

When buying a home, you want to make sure you’re doing the right math from the get-go. Most real estate brokers take extra coursework in finance as part of their licensure, and that additional knowledge can come in handy when helping you figure out how much you can actually afford and the mortgage type that best suits your financial picture.

4. They’re experts at making offers  

Most real estate brokers are no strangers to the negotiation table. Typically, real estate brokers already have at least three years under their belt as a licensed real estate agent. Because of their higher experience level, a real estate broker can help you make a better offer on your property.

5. Closing is their thing 

When you finally choose a property you love, put in an offer and are ready to close, a real estate broker can save the day at closing day.  Whereas you may be overwhelmed by stacks of paperwork, real estate brokers shine in this arena. Their extra training on legal documents means they can make sure you don’t miss anything when filling them out. They can also answer any last-minute questions you may have before you sign on the dotted line.

Although a real estate agent can be an indispensable ally in your home buying journey, the higher education requirements and experience level of a real estate broker can work to your advantage the next time you’re buying property.

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