Benworth Capital Partners LLC is concerned about your privacy and protects the information you share with us to inquire about our services and transact business with us.   Our commitment to protecting your privacy is set forth as described below.

1. We Do Not Sell Your Information
Benworth Capital Partners will never sell your email address, telephone or any other data that directly identifies you.

2. We Retain Information for Tracking Purposes
When you use our website to inquire about our company or services, data you provide is retained for tracking purposes only.  The data you share is safeguarded, and inaccessible to anyone other than Benworth Capital Partners employees and authorized vendors.

3. We Collect Data for Tracking Purposes
Benworth Capital Partners collects generic website data through the use of cookies for the purpose of tracking website views and effectiveness.  These cookies do not contain personally identifying information about the website visitor.

4. Legal Disclosure
In the unlikely event that Benworth Capital Partners receives a court subpoena or other order to produce internal records that contain data identifiable to you, our attorney will act in accordance with state and federal laws to protect your data as legally permitted.

5. Updates
This Privacy Policy statement may change from time to time and updates will be posted on our website.

Benworth Capital Partners, LLC is a licensed mortgage lender in the State of Florida, NMLS #374363. Benworth Capital Partners, LLC is not a Commercial Bank, or Savings and Loan Institution.

No person is authorized to bind, execute, or deliver, on behalf of Benworth Capital Partners, LLC, any Commitment or Letter of Intent (written or otherwise) to extend a loan or extend any type of financing to any party unless such person shall hold a position of Senior Vice President or higher with Benworth Capital Partners, LLC.