The profession of account manager

The most important customers require a special approach. The manager is obliged to provide such customers with an ideal atmosphere for cooperation. This implies favorable conditions, additional bonuses, a higher level of service and much more.

It is possible to distinguish the main block of responsibilities of the account manager:

  • searching for new partners, cooperation with whom will significantly increase the efficiency of the enterprise;
  • maintaining a close working relationship with regular and new important customers;
  • registration of various contracts and documents;
  • organization of meetings, negotiations and presentations;
  • consulting with clients on any issue;
  • promotion of new goods (services) among the key partners;
  • developing a strategy for attracting and cooperating with VIP clients.

In addition, in order to retain important customers, the manager must constantly monitor the market and track the actions of competitors. The more information, the more accurately you can calculate the risks and determine a set of actions to maintain or expand the VIP-client base.

Job Search

The position of an account manager is characterized by increased responsibility. As a rule, a company considers for this position experienced managers with a good reputation. However, many companies prefer to "grow" an employee to suit their needs.

A young professional falls under the supervision of a professional manager and receives the necessary experience of interaction with a key client segment. After some time, the employee is ready for independent practice.

CV Example for Account Specialist can be found on specialized job sites. As a rule, such resources provide a full set of tools to ensure direct communication between the applicant and the employer. A job seeker can send a resume to the HR department through a user-friendly interface, using a minimum of operations.