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A Licensed Mortgage Lender

Benworth Capital is Florida’s top provider of alternative short-term,
first-position residential and commercial mortgages.

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Welcome to Benworth Capital

Benworth Capital Partners provides services to finance and develop residential, commercial and income-producing real estate. The company deploys financial and intellectual capital to formulate situation-specific solutions for clients. These solutions draw on the deep and long-term relationships and more than 70 years of experience of Benworth’s leadership team. Complemented by the passion to deliver satisfaction to clients and build value for investors, the people behind the Benworth brand see the possibilities in every real estate transaction.

We hope you are able to take advantage of the unparalleled lending or investment opportunities we have to offer.

Bernie Navarro

  • Benworth Capital and Fundrageous embody what eMerge is all about – innovation developed in Miami that creates an international platform and disrupts an industry.

    Manuel Medina eMerge Americas

    eMerge Americas,

  • Bernie Navarro and Benworth Capital bring so much energy and innovation to our community.

    Eduardo J. Padron Past President, Miami-Dade College

    President, Miami Dade College,

  • I pride myself on sound investments and a history of high returns. Part of that process is investing in good deals with potentially high-yield, and the other part is investing in people who I trust and believe will succeed. Both of those things are perfectly encompassed at Benworth Capital.

    Ted Berman Investor


  • “Bernie has a track record in the real estate industry of bringing great deals to the market, and helping fund investments for leaders in our community.  He’s financed several projects for members of the Latin Builders Association, and we look forward to continued success with him.”

    Willy Fernandez Past President, Latin Builders Association

    President, Latin Builders Association,


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This book is an important and timely research study that explores a little-known area of investing, which is that of private mortgage lending. The reason for undertaking the study was twofold: 1) For the past 16 years, retirement portfolios have been devastated by stock market fluctuations resulting from a greater prevalence of boom and bust economic cycles. It is quite possible that currently another bust cycle might be unfolding, in spite of the apparent bull market. In fact, the telltale signs that a possible bust cycle might be unfolding are already showing;  and 2) The policy adopted by the Federal Reserve of creating an artificially low interest rate environment in an attempt to sustain the continued growth of the stock market and support the current real estate recovery efforts.

Read the foreword to the book, written by President of Benworth Capital, Bernie Navarro.