You must take action to get your loan out of 'Failed Funding'

If your status on the Womply portal is ‘Failed Funding’ it means Benworth Capital sent an ACH payment to your bank to fund your PPP loan, and there is an error in the bank information you provided on the Womply portal.

Benworth Capital is funding your loan.

Benworth Capital does not have access to update or change any of your information on the Womply portal.

You must take action to get your PPP Loan if your status is Failed Funding.

Here’s what you need to do to get your PPP loan.

 Update your bank information on the Womply portal: 

  1. Go to the Womply website at
  2. Log in to PPP Fast Lane
  3. Click Update Bank Details
  4. Click Connect a Bank Account and follow the instructions to connect your bank account

Carefully enter your bank account and bank routing numbers. If there is an error, funds will be rejected again, and your loan will remain in Failed Funding status.

Important to know when updating your bank information. 

  • The information you enter must be different from the information already on the Womply portal. Re-entering the same information will not move your loan out of the Failed Funding status.
  • Benworth Capital has experienced challenges sending funding to online banks.
  • If you choose to open a new account to receive your loan funds, we suggest that you confirm with the bank that they will accept an ACH transfer for a PPP Loan.
  • Enter ONLY bank accounts that match the name of the person or business you used on your PPP loan application.
  • You do not need a new promissory note if the bank information you enter is different than what appears on your promissory note.  

Here’s what will happen after you update your bank information. 


Womply (not Benworth) will change your status from Failed Funding to Funding. This will automatically alert Benworth Capital to re-attempt to fund your loan using the bank information you update.

Benworth will re-attempt funding and your status will update to Borrower Funded. It takes 5-7 business days for the funds to appear in your account. Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays are not business days. In addition, your bank may have its own policies related to hold times on ACH payments, and we suggest that you check with your bank on the processing time for ACH payments.


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