02 Oct

Benworth Capital Partners Expands Hard Money Lending To New Markets In Florida

Hard Money Lending

Benworth Capital expands to new markets in Florida, including Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville and the West Coast. Already a top private provider of private loans for residential and commercial property in South Florida, Benworth Capital is quickly developing their loan portfolio throughout the state.

“There’s a great deal of new construction taking place in these markets,” said Bernie Navarro, President of Benworth Capital. “We see this as an opportunity for company growth, but also an opportunity to ensure that everyone gets to have their dream home,” he added.

The private funding available through Benworth Capital provides much needed flexibility for borrowers who have special circumstances that don’t meet the criteria of a traditional home loan. Borrowers in these circumstances include buyers who need to close quickly to secure a good deal, are seeking a low documentation loan or have experienced a credit incident that bars them from obtaining a traditional bank loan.


About Benworth Capital Partners: Benworth Capital Partners, LLC, founded in 2008 and headquartered in South Florida, is a licensed mortgage lender and servicer specializing in private lending and bridge lending. The private equity firm offers short-term, first position mortgages for the purchase and development of residential, commercial and income-generating property in Florida. Benworth’s disciplined approach to financing real estate assets attracts funding participation from investors seeking strong returns from a low risk profile investment. For more information about Benworth Capital Partners, visit http://www.benworthcapital.com.

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