05 May

Benworth Capital Launches Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform

(National Mortgage News) Benworth Capital has launched a $50 million capital raise for a technology-based platform it’s touting as the place where real estate opportunity meets crowdfunding transparency.

Fundrageous, Benworth’s new real estate crowdfunding platform, will give borrowers a new channel by which they can fund local projects and causes.

Benworth is a provider of alternative short-term mortgages for South Florida, headquartered in Miami. Its main focus initially will be on raising capital from the U.S. and Latin America and attracting borrowers with deals ready to be funded.

“Real estate investing has long been relegated to a private club for the select few,” said Bernie Navarro, founder and CEO of Benworth and Fundrageous, in a May 4 statement. “Our intent is to democratize real estate investing, benefitting both the borrower as well as accredited investor.”

(May 5, 2015)

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