It has come to the attention of management that scammers posturing as Benworth Capital are allegedly issuing fraudulent loan commitments. In the process, they are collecting down payments and private information, such as social security numbers and images of driver’s licenses.

Please be guard against falling victim of this fraud by ensuring that your correspondence with Benworth Capital is authentic:

  • Double check the spelling of the Benworth Capital name on all documents. There are no variations to the spelling of the words “Benworth” or “Capital”.
  • Benworth Capital operates only under name variations, Benworth Capital, Benworth Capital Partners and Benworth Capital Partners, LLC. There are no variations, and the words “Loans” or “Lender” are not part of the Benworth company name.
  • Check to ensure that email correspondence originates from the Benworth Capital domain. Email address will always end with:


The Benworth Capital Management Team
December 30, 2017